This is a poem that was written by a friend of mine, Alex Philip Lain.  He is also an Old-school American, so when I read this poem, I begged him for permission to post this poem here.  He agreed, and so you are now blessed to be able to read his poem.

Don’t Tread on Me!

I’ll pay my own Healthcare, I’ll have my own guns,
I’ll drive my own truck, I’ll teach my own sons.
So hands off my life, ‘cause I like to be free,
And Mr. don’t you ever, tread on me!

You promise greater social safety, if guns are controlled,
Well, I agree, which is why I always employ a firm hold.
You see, what you’re saying is offending my sensibility,
So Mr. you just scram, you’re treading on me!

Don’t tread on me!
‘cause I’ll have my liberty!
The Founding Father’s said I have the right to be free!
So don’t you ever, tread on me!

Now what about this business with government spending?
Well you’ll pardon me but I find it to be rather offending.
I earn my own money, proud and free,
So hands out of my pockets, your treading on me!

What about welfare, you say, feeding the poor?
Well if a man gets his food free, he won’t work anymore.
You see, that is a job for the church, not for federal EBT,
So get your nose out of it, your treading on me!

Don’t tread on me!
‘Cause I will stand up to be free!
The Constitution assures me liberty!
So don’t you dare, tread on me!

Now back to guns and ammo, I think there is something you should know,
I’ll have as many and as much of both as possible, but no worries, I’ll spend my own dough.
I don’t care if you don’t like it, because to be armed is to be free!
So hands off my gun rights, you’re treading on me!

So hands out of my pockets, hands out of my rights,
Hands out of my business, hands off of my life!
I will maintain my rights, I will be free,
So Mr. you had better stop, treading on me!

Don’t tread on me!
I love my country, and love to be free!
What could be better than Godly liberty?
I would have it, so never tread on me!

So what things can the government do?
What is allowed that is honest and true?
What programs can there be,
That are constitutional, and don’t tread on me?

How about the establishment of justice, or the promotion of common welfare?
Providing for the common defense? This would all be fair.
How about securing the blessings of liberty, or insuring domestic tranquility?
Those are all right and good, but one ounce more and you’ll be treading on me.

So never tread on me!
I’ll have my liberty!
I’ve been given the right to be free!
So never tread on me!