So I found out today that my first paying client is, indeed going to be my first paying client!  Thanks to my one of my oldest friends, Isaac (9 years already!), who referred her to me.

See, I was up at Phoebe’s graduation party (Phoebe is Isaac’s older sister) on Sunday afternoon, sitting on the couch with Isaac and talking about what’s happened in the past 5 years since we last saw each other.  Well, his Aunt Connie came up and asked him if he could put borders around pictures.  He said that yeah, he could, but he pointed his thumb at me and gestured and then he goes “I can, but she’s really the expert here.”  And I was like “Uh, no!  I’m no expert, I’ve only done two or three sites so far.”  And, after Isaac and I argued a few minutes about whether I was better than him or not, Aunt Connie just kinda interrupted and said that she didn’t want someone really good, necessarily, as she can’t pay much, but her web-designer just recently left her in the lurch and she really needed some help.

So, I got her email address and we’ve been talking and she said that she’d like me to take over the website and update it and make it look good, and put some borders around a few pictures.  It’s not much, but it’s my first real job, so it’s pretty exciting for me.

Other than that, I’ve just been helping with my mom’s business, and my dad’s business, and then making lunch for the clinic participants, and mowing the lawn.  Oh, and making trips to the grocery store for mom.  🙂