So…it’s been a long time, sorry all.  (not that there’s a lot of people reading this, but you all are special, so…that matters.)  Anyway, I’ve been really busy!

Let’s see…my mom had her riding clinic here, plus then the trainer stayed a few extra days, so that’s what mom and Danielle were doing.  My friend Margie and I went to town on Monday to work at the food pantry for about 2 hours, and then went to a cookout for Campus Life – which is a youth group for kids from high school there in town – and then Margie shared her testimony, and then I did the wrap-up.

Speaking of the wrap-up, I have some quotes I want to share with you guys.  I was reading the book “Take Your Best Shot” by Austin Gutwein and these two quotes practically jumped off the page and grabbed me around the throat.  🙂

So, the first one is from the author Steve Farrar, and he said “Life is the only race where you don’t know where the finish line it.”

The second is from Abraham Lincoln, “It’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.”

I’ll let you guys take your own interpretation from those from now, but please share them with me!!  And then I’ll share with you what I shared at Campus Life on Monday night from these.  🙂

Have a great Wednesday!!