Some of you may know that I was gone this past weekend with my dad and Tony. Well, here’s where I was:

I was up at an air show. It’s a HUGE air show! The airport up there is the busiest airport in the country (actually, the world, I think) for the week of the air show. I got to see the C-5M Super Galaxy; the C-130 Hercules (which is AWESOME, because that’s what my cousin works on!!!!); the F-16 Fighting Falcon; the F-4 Phantom; the F-15 Strike Eagle; and…hm…well, there were tons of other planes there, too, but I don’t remember them all by name.

If you will remember, EAA 2009 is where Tony and I first really got along, so EAA 2010 was really special for me. (Tony, of course, couldn’t have cared less, as long as he got to see airplanes. LOL!) So, we headed up there, just the 3 of us – looking forward to a nice weekend just us mostly-like-minded folks. 😀 As we drove up there, we saw all kinds of planes flying over the field, and Tony and I got really excited! We drove up Thursday, so that evening we walked in and looked at all the old war-birds. (for those of you who don’t know, those are old war planes from, like, the WW’s and stuff) AND, we got to see the C-5M fly in! Everyone told us that it was the C-17 Globemaster III, but Tony and I could tell it was the C-5M. 😀 Then we found out later that it really truly was. Lol!

Then, Friday – let’s see….I don’t remember what we did Friday. Oh! One of the things we did was we went to see a seminar on the re-creation of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ which was REALLY interesting! Oh, also on Friday, my dad lost his cell phone. Now, his phone is a ‘smart phone’ and it had tons of information on it, so he was looking for it while Tony and I were walking through theC-5M and the C-130. So that was a HUGE bummer!

Then, on Saturday we were heading up towards the flight line that afternoon, for the afternoon air-show, and I stopped to take a picture of the C-5M from the front (which is an AWESOME view!) and my dad started talking to this woman – grandmotherly sort of dear old soul. Well, she’s like “My son flies that airplane.” And pointed to the C-5M. Then she goes “Hey, would you be willing to take a picture of our family for us?” And of course we were like “OH YEAH!” So we took pictures of them, and got to chat with them a little, and the son (the pilot) asked us if we’d been through the cockpit of the C-5M yet, and we said no way, we were not going to stand in that line for 3 hours! But then dad kinda gestured to me and he said “But, her cousin is a Loadmaster on the C-130, and I know she’d just love to go through the cockpit.” And he’s like “Well, alright, let’s go.” And he gave us a guided tour of the C-5M cockpit!! 😀 😀 I was on CLOUD 9!

Then, on Sunday we packed up and headed out. The cool thing was that we got to watch a bunch of the fighter jets fly away. It was AWESOME!!!