I walked down that hall
Not sure what awaited me,
But committed to giving my all


I found my place
On that crowded ol’ plane
Everyone was moving at such a frantic pace


We took off that day
None of us sure what we would see
Not a one knew what to say


Some exuded false bravado
Others were quietly saying their prayers
Still others showed a reluctance to go


Then there were those,
Their faces firm and set
Their commitment – to fight our country’s foes


When we landed that night
We were met by a desert
Torn and scarred by the scourge of the fight


We looked at each other
Then all ran for cover
Each of us praying to our Father[1]


We spent a year over there
Fighting for our homeland
Our families said it wasn’t fair


We didn’t feel that way
All of us had enlisted the same
Our only reprieve from it, to pray



Finally, we were going home
At last, we were done!
Flying home over the ocean and all it’s foam


As we taxied to port
We saw it wouldn’t be so easy
Our realm of comfort was our fort


Yes, happy to see friends and family
But still, it felt so strange
No longer was there gunfire daily


None truly understood
The struggles we had within.
No one from home ever could


We have to stick together
With others who understand
As one, as birds of a feather


Our families do their best
Yet the one time I feel safe
Is wearing my bulletproof vest


My girlfriend asks if I’m doing good
I say yes, though it’s a lie
But the truth she has never understood


My mother asks why I stand
In a corner, always facing the door
Oh!  Can no one understand!?


My brother, a drummer in the band
Wonders why the noise bothers me so
Oh, brother mine, will you never understand?


My sister dates the young boy Rand
She asks why I pace when she’s out after dark
Ah, sister, you couldn’t understand


I see a letter on the coffee stand
From a young woman – she says
She’s praying for us, though she can never understand


I smile at the letter in my hand
She says she has no idea
But oh, she does understand!

Let me know what you think…. 🙂

[1] God