So, I’ve been down in Nebraska since about 8-o-clock on Thursday evening.  We were considering going to a New Years party at the local church, where we met some very awesome people on our last trip down here – they’re college students attending a very awesome program at the church.  We went caroling with them, attended church, went to cell group, then went to their Wednesday night youth group, too.  We had a FANTASTIC time!

So…anyway, we were going to go to the party on Friday night, but when we didn’t hear back from the leader, and stuff and so-on, we ended up going to a party with Michael….oh, right.  Michael.  OK, so my mom has 4 half-siblings – Tom, Debbie, Andy and Michael…mom and her full sister from his first marriage, Tom and Debbie from the second – and Andy & Michael from his third marriage.  Anyway, Michael is about 6 months younger than me and we’ve been getting along great ever since we got back in touch with each other in October for the first time in 10 years.  😀  We ended up going to a party with Michael and some of his friends.  It was GREAT!  Of course, I totally forgot to take ANY pictures, so I’m terribly sorry, but there’s none from that night.  :-\

I do however have pictures of a night from our last visit…so I’ll post those and you can enjoy.  🙂

We are now watching a movie called “Killers” with Michael – very good movie with Ashton Kutcher and Catherine Heigl.  Tomorrow we’ll be going to church at the church we visited last time.  Then, on Monday we’ll be installing some grab-bars for grandpa (he’s the reason we’ve been down here – he’s been in the hospital, then rehab for infection in all his joints.)

OK, so I owe a little more explanation.  Grandpa thought he had gout, so he was on gout medication…except that gout medication depresses your immune system.  So, by the time he finally went to the hospital they realized it wasn’t gout.  They said that if he’d waited one more day to go to the hospital they wouldn’t have been able to save him.  So…they had to do surgery on about…7 of his joints and suck infection out them.  He finally made it to the rehab center and he’s doing really well now!  He came home today for his first visit since he went to the hospital almost 7 weeks ago now.  It was awesome!

OK…so where was I?  I don’t remember.  :-\  Oh, right, installing grab-bars.  So, we’ll do that on Monday and then…hang out with Grandpa and Michael I guess, because Michael goes back to school on Tuesday, and we’re supposed to be leaving on Tuesday, as I have shopping planned on Thursday with a friend (oh, and cookie baking) and then I start work the next Monday.


So…I think that’s about it.  Sorry for the rambling post – it’s been kind of a loooooooooooong time since I posted.  Lol!