Well, exciting news for my sister and I……

Saturday night, Danielle played her first concert!!!!  She is on our worship team at church which we named Catalyze.  They opened for a local band named Isaiah 42:10.  They came to the community center which is approximately 10 minutes from our home.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Catalyze did fantastic!!  There were a few technical difficulties, as they were plugging into all of Isaiah’s sound system, and none of the settings were right for them, but all in all everything went very well.  The members of Isaiah were impressed with how well they did for their first public appearance.

The Isaiah concert was AMAZING!!!!  These 6 members (4 guys: Ben W., Harley S., Chris S., and Larry K.; and 2 ladies: Sarah S. and Christy B.) play hard rock, but all to the glory of God.  They also play slower, more worshipful songs, but this particular audience (teenagers with barely any interest in the things of God) called for the more entertaining show.  It always makes for a very enjoyable concert when the lead singer can jump off the stage and dance around with the audience while singing and playing his harmonica.  😀

The next morning, a few of the members of the band joined us at church, and we all went to get lunch after the service.  Church got done at 1 (our pastor just got back from a mission trip to Haiti, and had a lot of stories to share) and my family and I didn’t leave town to go to my grandma’s until about 3:00pm.  It was so much fun, though!!  Look these guys up and check out their music!  🙂

So, attached are some pictures that I got…enjoy!!