Another poem I wrote a while ago…

Always Wanted

Standing there beneath the willow
Watching the sunset spread across the sky
My mind begins to wander
To places even the bravest wouldn’t follow

In my mind’s eye I can see him
Coming across the field to me
Some would say he was my knight
But I’ll wait to discover who you choose to be

The wind begins to wail
And the raindrops are falling
I run to you, into your arms
And soon we’re running together down the trail

But then I am snapped back to the present
There’s no one coming across the field
It was all a dream, I know
But it was so nice while it lasted

People say I shouldn’t be distracted
That He should be enough for me
But how can I communicate to them
Just what I’ve always wanted?

I’ve always hoped to be that one
That makes his eyes sparkle
And his heart start to dance
But instead, I am still and only just one

Maybe someday it will come
They all assure me it will
That I will one day meet
The one I’ve always wanted

And on that beautiful day
There may not be a sunset
But I know I will hear him say
That I am the one he’s always wanted