This is a poem I wrote after a conversation with a very dear friend of mine, several years ago. (about 2 years ago, already! Wow!) It was kind of a self-discovery moment for both of us, I think.

He Thought I Was Perfect

He thought I was perfect
That I had not a fault
He thought I had it made
I did everything I ought
He thought I loved my life
Saw no evidence of strife

He saw my mask
How I held it fast
He didn’t know it wasn’t me
That I was insecure down deep
He didn’t see how I wouldn’t let it go
Wouldn’t let my real face show

Then one day, chatting so real
He found how I really feel
How I care too much what people think
How I am scared to death that I’ll sink
Now he knows what’s really goin’ down
And he cares so much, I should have known!

He thought I was perfect
How could he have known?
The real me was hiding
Afraid to be seen, afraid someone would frown
How could I know what he would really think?
That he’d care, and the kindness that he has shown

He was surprised that I had problems
Struggles, just like other teens – like him
He told me what he’d thought
I told him how hard I had fought
How hard I had worked to keep that mask in place
To keep everyone from seeing the pain on my face

He thought I was perfect
I knew I wasn’t
He thought I had no worries
I was worried he wouldn’t like me
He thought I was good with who I was
I was scared it would hurt if I let him see the truth

How wrong I was, wrapped there in my shroud
If I had let him see what would have been different?
If I had been honest, would anything have changed?
I don’t know, I may never figure it out
This I do know, it may hurt to be honest
But a true friend will always care, will always love.