I wrote this poem this morning, in memory and honor of the Service men that were just killed in Afghanistan. I took some details from a few families that I read about in a news article, and combined them with some of my own emotions.

Here you go.

Thirty Lives

Thirty lives
Lost just like that
No time for goodbyes
No ‘one last kiss’

Just a knock on the door
So early one morning
“We’re so sorry,
He’s not coming home.”

Next the reporters
Tell us about him
What is there to say?
He was my life, my everything

Now what is left
But lonely cries
“Where is daddy?
When is he coming home?”

Daddy didn’t make it,
But baby, hold on.
We’ll come out on top,
He would want it that way

Through the tears, now
We fight our own war
We battle to get up,
To live another day

My comfort is this:
He knew it was dangerous
But they were his men
He needed to be with them

So, my love of my life
I will see you on the other side
Where the only tears
Are tears of joy