Here is a poem I wrote for a group some friends and I started, called Kingdom Pen.

For His Glory

For His glory, I’ll stand
I will walk, if for His glory
Sitting or running, whatever his call
And writing, too – but only His story

For His glory I write
It is His gift to me, after all
I could do none of these things
If not for his call

Be my writing as praise to Him
Or a desperate call for grace,
If I have written to His glory
I know He’ll lift up my face

A gift used for naught
But our own selfish gain
Is a waste of our time
And a slander on His name

God, help me to use Your gift
To bring glory to You
May the words I write
Lord always be true

For His glory, I’ll write,
If write I do.
I would not waste this gift
If I could share Him with you.