Poem I wrote one morning while my dad was preaching at church. 🙂

Who is this Man?

Who is this man
That walks my way
Who knows what I am
Yes comes the same

There is love in His eyes
But there is fire, too
At the sight of love, my heart cries out
Then cowers in fear of the holy fire

He stretches his hand to me
I don’t know if I can trust
Though deep inside my soul
I know that I must

It hurts to let go
But my soul knows it’s right
My love I long to show
But my fear holds me back

Set me free, my God!
Break these chains that hold me
Let me stand a’right, awed
Loose me, God, from my fear!

This is my soul’s cry
My mind fears what it does not know
But my sould knows it is good to die
Show me, God, what your plan is for me

I reach my hand out to His
And he pulls me to my feet
Now I know the freedom that He is
My God, you set me free!