This is a poem by a friend of mine, Athena Grace, that she wrote for her brother. Please read and enjoy!

The Life You Chose

You are a lone Marine, lying in your bunk
thinking of the summers back home.
Remembering the many memories God has blessed you with,
And as the ship rocks up and down
It puts you into a peaceful sleep.
What would your adoring sister be doing right now?
Most likely you would find her.
nestled in a cozy corner, on the couch reading
The warm summer sun shining down on her array of golden curls.
Your dear mother cooking dinner.
The sweet fragrance of homemade bread drifting out the open widows.
As she calls to the children “dinner time”
Oh how you miss those days around the meal table.
Thanking God for the many blessings He has given you.
This is the life you chose and you wouldn’t change it for the world.
You can see your brothers setting off fire works and getting into all kinds of mischief that makes your mother laugh.
Your little sisters by your mother’s side asking “Can I do that?”
Yes, those were wonderful days.
When you would sit outside and watch the fireflies drift in the breeze,
lighting up the night .
Then lay on the trampoline and stare in wonder as the hours of darkness slipped by
But before you can finish your wonderful dream,
the wake up call is sounded.
You don’t want to wake but you know you have too.
Because this is the life you chose.
You get up from your not so cozy bunk and head for the deck. Once you get there you hear that you are about to take land in enemy territory.
Within the hour you are running for your life.
Bombs exploding all around you.
Your fellow brothers falling beside you
You feel the fire wiping around your face.
You have never seen such anguish.
You cry out to God.
A gun is fired. You are hit.
You keep running.
You are a Marine, this is what you were trained for.
This is the life you chose.
Blood gushes from your shoulder.
You can’t tell if you you’re losing consciousness or falling
Your world goes black.
Some one kicks you awake.
Your eyes fly open. You find yourself in a work camp.
You’re a prisoner.
The guard leads you to the field hospital where your wound is poorly treated.
You try to shake off the pain.
You stand strong
because this is the life you chose.
Your captors don’t intimidate you.
You don’t cower from the guards and their guns.
Guns don’t scare you.
Your not afraid to die.
You know you will go to paradise.
But every day you look for a way to escape.
Everyday you pray to God that the war will end soon.
If there were only an way for you and your brothers in arms to escape.
You devise a plan.
You tell only whom you trust and the plan is soon to be executed.
Somehow the guards find out.
If it is by a spy or and eavesdropper you know not.
They take you to their commander
Next you find yourself in solitary confinement.
You keep track of how many days you spend within this wretched place.
Five days. You praise God for keeping you alive.
Because this is the life you chose.
This is the life God wanted you to live.
Finally today the door in opened. The light pours in.
You have never been so glad to see God’s light.
After sitting in darkness for so long you can’t see very good.
Your taken outside. You see a crowd is gathered. They are smiling.
The war is over.
But the guards tell you that your not going anywhere.
You know what is coming.
You know you’ll die with honor and
you have served your country well.
You make a decision.
You charge your captors because this is the life you chose.
Your comrades do the same.
The guards open fire.
It doesn’t matter, you knew this was coming.
There is little chance that any of you will survive.
But God is not ready to call you home.
Because this is the life God wanted you to live. .
You chose the life of a United States Marine.