Hey, I know it’s been forever…I’m really sorry! After the contest back in August, things just seemed to keep piling on top of me and I couldn’t find any air!

So…let’s see…to hit the high-points…

I went to a Packer game in November! Monday Night Football, Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings. It was pretty sweet! I met a really nice couple who was sitting next to me…they’re from Washington D.C. and come out to Lambeau quite a lot for games. (I kinda wanted to know what he did, and how old their son was, if they have that kind of money!)

As long as we’re on the football topic, the Packers are currently 12-0, and well on their way to a great playoff run, and maybe even another trip to the Super Bowl!! That would be incredible!!

Now…since I know most of you could not care any less about football, I’ll try to think of some other news for you………

Nope, can’t.

Naw, I’m kidding. Lol! 😀

I’m still working at McDonalds (no, we never say ‘did you want fries with that?’ thank you very much!), and yes, I still really like it!

My ‘brother’, Tony, is moving away, first of the new year…it’s so weird to think about……..for so long that’s all I wanted, but now, I can’t think about it too long or I’ll start to cry!

And…Oh yes! Kerry’s back from Hawaii. That’s really good news for me, because I really missed him while he was gone!

Other than that…I think life has pretty much been status-quo….