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Our lives are ever growing and changing – chapters and storylines are continuously coming and going, old ones are ending and new ones beginning, morphing and changing like the living beings we are. As I look back on my life, it’s hard to believe I’ve made it to this point.

Five years ago, I was desperately ill, wondering what could possibly be making me feel so incredibly awful. Three years ago, I was starting off the new year, in a new city, living with strangers, starting a new job and a new life. Even the changes in those two years were mind-blowing. Since January of 2014, my life has made yet another complete 180° turnaround. I am now a full-time student pursuing a graphic design career, I found an apartment that I love in a fantastic part of town, and last but absolutely not least, I married the love of my life on June 23, 2016.

I avoid making New Year’s resolutions as a general rule, because a year is a long time and my goals tend to morph and change as the year takes it’s inevitable turns. That’s still true this year, but I have a few overarching goals that will last me right up until December 31.

First, I want to make my first wedding anniversary special. It’s a big deal, and I have no idea what we’re going to do for it, but it’s going to be great and we’re going to make it special and I’m very excited.

Second, I’m so blessed to have the school schedule this semester that I do, and I’m going to take advantage of that. At most, I have 3 classes per semester, and I may have as few as 2 classes in the fall. This provides me the perfect opportunity to spend more time focusing on my home, my husband, and my hobbies. One of those hobbies is a baby blanket for a family member that I should be working on right now instead of writing this blog post. But writing a blog post sounded like a better idea at 4am.

I love my life. I haven’t been able to say that very often – I’ve loved where it was going, I’ve loved thinking about what my life could be, but love my life right where it was? Not so much. But today? Right now? I do. I’m exactly where God has called me to be. I’m not sure how that happened, because I’m a terrible follower, but He’s a very big God, and I’m so thankful for that.

And with that, I sign off. I have hot food in the crockpot, and my husband should be leaving work any time now, which means I will finally be able to go to bed!



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