School started this week, which means I have class four days a week. Thankfully, this semester I don’t have morning classes at all, in contrast to 5 morning classes last semester – which is a problem for someone married to a night-shift guy!! This way, I get to stay up later and spend time with my husband occasionally, which is rather nice, considering that we’re just now coming up on 7mo of marriage!

img_2615Tonight, before things get crazy with school and whatnot, we invited John’s best friend over dinner. We grilled up some fresh steak that we bought from my parents, and cooked up some delicious potatoes. He, of course, brought a few 6-packs and we’ve been having a great time. I’m so incredibly thankful for the family and friends that I’ve gained through John. I live 8hrs from my family and most of my friends, but I’m never lonely here, thanks to his family. We watched Grand Tour (an Amazon Prime show) until Jon fell asleep – he’s now passed out in our spare room, and John and I will be staying up for a few more hours. Okay, like 6 more hours or so. (have I mentioned how much I love night shift?)

img_2569This weekend will be fun – I have no homework yet, and John works, which means I’m left alone to my own devices. Tomorrow will be spent purchasing art supplies with John, but Saturday will probably include cleaning (welcome to adulthood?), watching Netflix, crocheting, and preparing for the NFC Championship game by re-doing my amazing nails.  Being a Packer fan, I’ll be doing the new Green Bay Packer wraps that I traded with another Jamberry consultant for. With these last few huge games being so close together, my manicures haven’t had a chance to last nearly as long as they would, because I need a new mani for the games!! Last weekend nearly killed me and my nails – I was so nervous sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings! I’m not saying it was my nails that got me through, but…I did get several comments on them! Saturday will also be spent playing a pretty fun game in my customer group for some great prizes. I might also need to do some organization this weekend. I had all my random stuff semi-organized on the spare bed…but of course that’s now occupied, so everything is on my new desk – which desperately needs to be unburied so that I can do homework on it.

One more week of classes, and then John and I have a few days off for our top-secret 5-day trip! More details on that at a later date, once it’s no longer top-secret! However, now that I’ve had a few drinks, and I’m getting sleepy, and I still have to do my yoga for the evening, it may be time for me to sign off.

OH! I almost forgot! I found a little friend on our sidewalk yesterday. He appears to have suffered a massive heart attack, or fallen out of the tree and received a severe concussion or something of a similar nature. John says he was jumping and missed the branch, or said branch broke…I’m leaning towards catastrophic failure of some life system or other. Say a few words in his memory this evening.